TaraX Humanitarian Trust


TaraX Wellness Network


Wellness Director: Dr. Michael Marshall

The continuing strategy and purpose of TaraX is to create educational documentaries, programs, interviews and personal, physical alliances between one’s healthy body and higher self. This sharing and interaction with mutual networks and organizations Novometrix Research Inc. assists in the global exchange of ideas and cooperation in the mitosis activated, Emerging New World.



TaraX Wellness consists of global Health-Spiritual Centres, a multifaceted video production company and Joint Alliance Network, interfaced with a deep understanding of the importance of our physical well-being, in alignment with our soul-driven selves.   


TaraX Wellness is designed as a boutique network primarily focusing on social issues, human conditions, in local, national and global economic adaptability, with Spiritual Awareness. Our programming represents the

re-emargence of Ancient Wisdom and the Mutual Honouring of Earth’s living beings.

Natural Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine

ALLIANCES: These are cooperative marketing programs, centered on explaining our present Earth and Universal Galaxy situations; teachings enhancing our lifestyles to help us create a better world.

Novometrix Research Inc. by Dr. Jeff Wilson (President) and Jocelyn Rivers (Admin. Director) is a great example of our Alliance in Networking with Global Corporations, Municipalities and Academia.