TaraX Humanitarian Trust Action Strategies

TaraX - Empowering The Evolution of Consciousness

TaraX is designed to help Earth’s empowering individuals while evolving into the Higher Dimensions of TARA. We are doing this by continuing our Humanitarian response to today’s needs, while through Tara Lands, we are establishing Areas of Preservation.

We are preparing for TARA (in a parallel dimension), due to our present political leaders’ Lack of Moral Authority, rampant Corruption and Crony Capitalism, here on Earth.





TaraX Outreach empowers personal and social transformation through education, utilizing virtual teaching methods. Outreach focuses on such themes as leadership, health, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and new communities.

Examples: International Institute for Global Learning (IIGL), Villages, Sustainability in Farming, Mediation Training, Creative Development, Asia Solar Aid, Etc.


TaraX Wellness focuses on wellness education in virtual and physical settings. Wellness, to promote a better understanding of ourselves, includes body, mind and spirit with special focus on mindfulness, quantum physics and the new frontiers of energy medicine and consciousness. Novometrix Workshops networking through Corporations.

Examples: Dispensing Clinics, Asian Hospitals, Acupuncture, Holistic Healing, Etc.



TaraX Events Live is an interactive program that partners business, schools and youth in workshops hosted in major universities and at conferences and festivals. The format includes community leaders in the areas of transformational education and artistic expression.

Students, grass roots participants, and business leaders all share, teach and inspire growth with meaningful change.


Examples: TaraX European Events, First Nations Globally with The 8th Generation Infinity Network (Kevin Nadjiwon).


Tara Lands and Grants is a financial entity supporting natural conservation. TaraX’s interest lies in unique, global environments that help us learn, reflect upon and experience our natural, sustainable, origins. In addition, our grants provide regional support in food supplies with special consideration to indigenous and First Nations participation.

Examples: Mountain Light Sanctuary (Eco Lodge - Asheville), Herbal Medicine – China, Sacred Ground International.org (buffalo), Rwenzori Mountains – Africa, Lake Baikal.   


TARAX TRUST HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION: This entity is our commercially driven holding and operating company for physical activation of “green” environmental and humanitarian works. ”X” denotes moving into the parallel dimension of TARA.