Thoughts of Today – June, 2021.

Why do we all have different thoughts with the growth of our own Planet? It is ridiculous to watch our major nations in their increasing weaponization of weapons, to be used against each other.

Our planet, Earth is considered one of the most beautiful in our Galaxy which enhances many Galaxy’s within our many Universes. We will eventually destroy our planet, due to War, without the dangers presented by Solar Flares, Asteroids, etc.

I do not believe in One World Government but I do believe in a United Nations, propagating our individual nations, where the Whole becomes an integral part of Each Nation.

The new United Nations will not become contaminated as our individual nations have been. This contamination will be stopped: Changed. It is important to maintain our individual nationalities, propagating the cultural differences of each.

The USA in the world, is a nation of many nationalities and depicts the world development in one nation; representing the world, as a whole.

Recently Sacha Stone and Charlie Ward have spearheaded the Arise USA Tour with 3 tour buses into 50 States and 84 Stops, culminating July 3 at Mount Rushmore with President Donald Trump speaking.

TaraX Global evolution and empowering strategy includes workshops, events, seminars and Pyramid complexes. It is our plan to build our first Pyramid in Limbach, Slovakia (EU headquarters), which is located 28 km. north of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

The Limbach complex will also be used for TaraXGlobal workshops, events and will include educational facilities for children and University Courses.

The Pyramid will be built along the lines of the Egyptian Pyramid, however in proportion, which will enhance this property into a multi use complex.

This Pyramid complex will make a new global destination, where we will grow food and herbs for our kitchens in the TaraX Centre. The Pyramid will create a natural detox and alternative healing clinic including ceremonies and festivals. Our goal is to anchor the empowering and healing energy within the heart of Eastern Europe.

The whole complex (Offices, Workshops, Pyramid, University Space ) estimated at USD10,000,000 will create a significant global destination and attraction for peace, harmony, health and tranquility.


By: Fraser Currah and Martin Maglay

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