THOUGHTS 4 – Covid-19 Today

The United Nations have shown their true colours this week, with the new website:

That is United Nations New World Order; out of the closet. I suggest you watch a video which summarizes our situation today, done by Max Igan of the Crows in Australia. His chat summarizes our global situation today:

In this video Max describes what he calls, Child Abuse in Quebec schools, reopening. This means no child can be comforted by teachers or other students if they fall or require help: no touching. The classroom is marked to maintain “social distancing” and designated areas of walking, etc.

Social distancing is another form of “control”. Maintaining this process means one cannot have large gatherings which may endanger the government; people are considered as animals, not the folks who governments are supposed to be representing: untrue. In short, the Covid-19 as a “hoax” is an extension of the flu virus and is a convenient identity to control the global population in awaiting the development of a vaccine for all. And who knows, the additional controls to be inserted in the vaccine: Bill knows. Tracking Covid-19 is a continuation of this “hoax”.

We, as individuals must push back on this giant “hoax”: our freedom No More.

At TaraXGlobal SA we have designed a Global Village for 800 homes with adjacent support systems encompassing a complete village with surplus revenue after the residents are fed, from selling surplus foods: meat, eggs, chicken, etc. This Global Village is designed, with the use of free energy to be a totally cashless society based upon Michael Tellinger’s, One Small Town. It is designed that 33% of revenue is returned to the Investor 33% to New Projects and 34% for the Administration and the Families. The Mayor, Council and Administrator will be elected each 3 years: creating a Cashless Democracy. Our first Global Village will be in Guatemala with Jordan and Pakistan to follow. The Villages are estimated to require an initial Investor investment of USD15 million. This Global program is Directed by Jimmy Lewis of Oklahoma, aided by the Tulsa University (planning) and Icon homes of Austin, Texas.

Please contact author if you wish to receive a Global Village Planned Community.

At TaraX we refuse to be drawn into the “fear” encompassing Covid-19 and instead, are concentrating on a future of Trust in Community.

Fraser Currah May 26, 2020

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