Our Future Power

In 1979 experiments on COLD FUSION were successfully conducted by Pond and Flieschmann. Of course, the results were not disclosed in the Cabal’s main stream media as installing this Power Source in each independent home, would create Sovereignty. Thus the day of mass control through dependency on OIL would end.

In 1947 at Breton Woods, the American delegation were able to have this world group declare the American dollar, that of choice throughout the world. Simultaneously Henry Kissinger traveled to Saudi Arabia, the worlds largest Crude Producer to negotiate a long-term supply with a percentage of the Revenue going into USA treasury bills and bonds.

Recently a Senior Employee Google, www.ZackVorhies.com in his investigations found Laboratories, including Google and the Skunk Works, experimenting with COLD FUSION: surprise.

Inventor Andrea Rossi is now successfully marketing an individual heater for industrial use through his www.E-Catworld.com. This small power unit produces heat and/or electricity in the ratio of 60 to 80 (input vs output). Note: Buyers only pay for the amount produced. E-Catworld was originally tested and approved by Cambridge University. Cold Fusion appears to use Platinum in the process resulting in a rise in price of this precious metal.

Mr. Ken Wheeler has developed, from Nicola Tesla’s "ethereal machines" a device he calls: Sun Cell technology. This energy uses brilliant white light to provide their version of “free energy”. Professor Randall l. Miller has used this white light to develop further this SunCell technology.

See You Tube for examples operating.

Another process yet to be developed commercially is The Searl Effect (energy from nothing).

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) generates electrical power by converting natural energy based on magnetic waveforms. Free flowing electrons from the air are converted into usable electricity without any fuel.

All forms of energy from Fossil Fuels, Wind and Solar will be replaced by these many forms of energy technologies , thus giving Sovereignty for ALL.

Fraser Currah

April 28, 2020

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