Me Too! Where are you?

Last week through an open mic, an ABC anchor woman (Amy Roback) described how they had, though investigated journalism, got all the “goods” on Clinton, Prince Andrew, etc. in their relationship to Jeffery Epstein. She was very disappointed, but never mentioned her disappointment re the abused girls.

The main “girl” who was 14 years at the time, took 12+/- months to agree to talk about her relationship to these “abusers” as well as Gislaine Maxwell, the “Madam”.

It is strange, that during the past week we have not heard a word of compassion for the mental suffering of the “girls” who were sexually abused in the largest pedofile case in the world, to date.

Me Too, where are You?

It appears to me, that this is the absolute disaster of the Investigation as well as the investigative results were dropped by ABC, which as we all know, is owned by Disney. Apparently Disney’s CEO, Bob Igar killed the investigation results, from being aired several years ago.

And Disney is supposedly a channel of Purity for the masses.

So much for purity of Children. Profitability in protecting male celebrities is the “name of the game”. Hollywood is still “fake news reporting”.

November 12, 2019

Fraser Currah

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