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We are addressing the evolution of our Sovereign selves from today’s 3rd Dimension, through the 4th Dimension, which to me is represented in our time by the Secret Space Program (SSP) into the 5th Dimension of TARA. TaraX (crossing) represents one’s personal inner Exploration leading to Enlightenment: loving your Sovereign self.

TaraX Trust, while funding TaraX Humanitarian Foundation, physically holds the Tara Land Locations of energy vortexes, connecting us by Dolores Cannon’s symbiotic mitosis into Tara. These strategically located long term hold locations are intended to connect us into Tara’s 5th Dimension, while understanding the 4th Dimension, where to me the Galactic Travelers of the SSP resides.

The inner earth is populated by “plasma” people representing various entities of many Galaxies. The ones we have been introduced too via Cosmic Disclosure are the Anshar, of human origin; having been in Earth for various times from 20,000 to 200,000,000+/- Earth years. They understand our confusion from distorted historical lies, written by the “controlling winners”, for millennium. The Plasmas are complete in their underground gigantic caves while tracking our progress in our self-education to better understand the magnitude of the many Galaxies we inhabit. Intrinsic to this inner world are the true controllers, the 14 ft. high Dracos, presently trapped here by Earth circled electro-magnetic rays, arranged by the Blue Spheres. Draco’s, in their role of dominance and control have organized, what we presently call the Illuminati, originating from planet Niburu into Sumer with its new capital: Babylon. Their descendants have been the surface masterminds creating war, pestilence, greed and anxiety: fueled by the inequality of fiat money.

In Elbert County Georgia a non-identified man appeared who ordered and paid for the Georgia Guide Stones; a 4 stone megalithic structure similar to Stonehenge with writing on each, outlining the potential future of our modern world. Many took these Guide Stones as a guide to eliminate much of our 8+ billion population to 500,000,000+/-. The Guide Stones objective was assumed by many as death by pestilence, to reduce our present population. This Tara author has a more enlightened version, after hearing from the Anshar that in early 2016 only 300,000 Earth people where “clear” enough to cross into TARA.

Our TaraX goal, through teaching, loving, compassionate consciousness, is to raise that number towards 500,000,000. Eventually all will come into TARA through many future Earth years of Reincarnations.

Georgia Guide Stones:

  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  • Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

  • Unite humanity with a living new language.

  • Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

  • Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

  • Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

  • Balance personal rights with social duties.

  • Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

  • Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature


Our 3rd Dimension world of 8 +/- billion people continues along its evolutionary path, as it has for millennia. Earth’s roots of Control reach back to the Nibiru-Annanuki blood lines, which today we know as Royal Blood. This line originated with Anu (father), Enlil (exec. ruler), Enki (mining son) and Ninsirhag (geneticist daughter). Nibiru travels on an elliptical orbit through our solar system, bypassing Earth every 3,600 years: our neighbor during this time. Beginning 400,000 years ago they harvested our Gold with their own workers for 200,000 of those years, before engaging Ninsirhag to practice her genetic talents on the occupying Neanderthals in Africa: creating Earth based miners. Thus the proliferation of stone housing foundations from South Africa to Kenya, as discovered by Michal Tellinger and dated with Orion’s calendar.

Two basic issues developed: 1. we accepted a slave mentality (Sheeple) and 2. Anu’s controlling Royal blood lines evolved into our, Illuminati. During the Ages we have seen many plebeians become leaders, but always under the watchful eye and guidance of these Royal blood lines: Illuminati. An exception was Napoleon Bonaparte who through meritocracy became First Consul of France but upon crowning himself Emperor, an exception in Europe’s Royal Blood Lines, he had to go. The establishment of USA at this time began, as a democracy but over the past 200 years it has descended into an Oligarchy.

Into our recent history of 10,000 years has come mean galactic beings: Draconians. They remain in charge in controlling the Illuminati (cabal) by their superior strength; mental, physical and emotional. Today they would now leave Earth, throwing their human contacts (eg. Henry Kissinger) under the bus, but are restricted by the radiation belt, instigated by the Galactic Federation, with instructions to only return to their original home planet. No more wanderings to attack within this Galaxy.

By Cosmic Law we have free will. Our present Earth history has made us into a Slave Mentality (the Polarization of Society) only freed internally by realizing and exercising our Sovereign Rights, propelling us into a Higher Consciousness.

Greed is an operative control, fomented to create us into Sheeple 8,000 years ago with the use of coin for trade: money. Today it is “fiat money” devised in the 1947 Breton Woods Agreement and instigated by the Global Central Banks. Now everyone follows the money in mesmerizing their thoughts and actions; away from their natural feelings. Those few who appreciate and understand this mass hypnosis have a self-imposed opportunity to maintain their individual Sovereign selves.

In WWI saw 400,000 + soldiers killed by merciless, stupid politicians and officers. These same slaughters on this warring planet have continued for decades, instigated by political power mongers: bought by the military-industrial complex with fiat money.

Control: today we see the military might of the USA with 800+/- bases operating in 140 countries all under the guise of world’s policeman.

We now have the advent of robots directed by artificial intelligence (A.I.) in service and manufacturing while exercising more control over an under employed population. These ongoing wars, of power without meritocracy has created the devastating war pollution of Earth. Today we find plastic particles in every cubic meter of the oceans, respiratory issues with untold suffering, resulting in civilian casualties and unwanted residency displacements. Western powers have to realize that the mixing of cultures disrupts lives, enabling power mongers to reset statistics in their favor. Our populace is “dumbed down” by mindless distractions supported by Common Core education in America, enabling more control through the superficial use of mind games. In 1937 at Nazi’s Nuremburg rally we saw the advent of cloning 250,000 +/- new German troops’ courtesy of the Tibet Black Hats, under dark ET control (The Secret History of ETs by Len Kasten). These ET energies (the Nordic Women directed the Germans in building their first Space Ships: Vril) were too aid Hitler in world dominance but midway he became a victim of his arrogance: a loser in our materialistic eyes.

The USA had 22 spies within the German government to observe their Space Program, operations throughout our Solar System, since the beginning of WWII (Cosmic Disclosure - William Tomlinson). In 1945 USA initiated Operation Paperclip which brought 1,600 +/- rocket and atomic scientists to America to ostensibly form NASA. In 1947 USA Admiral Richard Byrd instigated Operation High Jump to Inner Earth. The evolution of these operations has been well documented by whistleblowers in providing verbal proof and a well, documented paper trail. The www.Gaia.com platform has spearheaded this Truth.

Operation Paperclip principals, as an extension of the original German space program, instituted the Secret Space Program (SSP-global). The SSP consists of two factions, The Alliance and The Cabal (Dracos) in which the Alliance, due to Earth’s consciousness shift, are allowing former participants of the program to come forward with their knowledge, enabling those of us who understand, to better comprehend. The SSP consists of galactic ships operated by Solar Warden (US Navy), Dark Fleet (German) and various space commands from Earth, Mars and untold galaxies of 974 in total, trading with our Inter Continental Conglomerate (ICC) on the dark side of the Moon in another dimension. Fifty-five (55) galactic planetary occupants visit our Earth, regularly. The tales from the SSP are so foreign to us that they may be of another dimension: 4th.

Meanwhile on Earth, the continuing greed of the few continue to cause irreparable damage to our Nature. In Earth’s 3rdDimension, we learn through repeated experiences in each reincarnation, to believe in our Sovereign Selves. It is unbelievable that the SSP has been kept secret from the populace for 70+ years but strict compartmentation along with secret Federal Reserve Funding has kept it inviolate. There are upwards of 350 million humans (sheeple) throughout Galaxies within the program (Secret Journey to Serpo by Len Kasten) with more kidnapped and introduced to slavery each year.

William Tomlinson (94 yrs.) with his well-documented notes shows us a hospital in San Diego where the SSP have nearly perfected a “regression pill” enabling men to regress to age 29 and women to age 21.Thereafter ;actively living for another 2,000 years extending their use to the SSP from 20 active professional years to 2,000.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) through the use of Nano Bots (in our blood stream via chem trails) today controls all life including the Draconians’. However it appears AI’s cleverness will become their demise, aided and abetted by our Evolution of Consciousness into our Sovereign Selves. We are living the Matrix with all its perils and survive with the discipline of Self.

This 4th Dimension Galactic reality is shown to us daily by the Controllers, as in Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. Perhaps this “showing” challenge excites them by bringing us to the brink of a physical realization. Disclosure would solve our dilemma. It will depend upon Galactic situations whereas they now have a “breeding ground” here to further propagate the Earth species. Along with disclosure would come Zero Point Energy and free Food with the use of “Replicators” for living. We of TaraX expect to pass directly into the 5th Dimension: Tara.

It takes many experiences to realize and understand one cannot move Spiritually forward at all levels unless one “lets go” to control by their “Higher Self” (HS): directing their higher frequency PATH to TARA. Meditation is key.


During the past 25 years Dolores Cannon et al with their QHHT deep hypnotic healing have revealed the existence of our future 5th Dimension: we call Tara. The Kundalini energy of Earth moved from the Himalayas in 2002 to the norther Andes and was activated in 2008. This caused the Earth to begin through Mitosis, into the new 5th Dimension: TARA.

In 2006 a friend in his many Inner and Outer Journey sessions had an artist client from Salt Spring Island who while completing a 1½ hour Outer journey, spied a “beautiful lady” called Lady Tara. When asked why Lady Tara’s presence, she responded thayt she was holding the space in the new Mitosis created Tara, for the future participants who are and will be directed home by TaraX Humanitarian Foundation.

Tara is all about unconditional love, compassion and understanding by all beings within Nature, where even the trees communicate (Avatar). In Tara there are no laws, regulations or money for trade as the participants “just get it”.

The Mandala Effect directs us to 2 choices. We can cross to Tara through our Soul’s Window or remain in this 3rd and 4th Dimension as described above. Today it is estimated by the Anshar there are 300,000 “clear” souls ready to cross into Tara. The QHHT estimate is of the 8.2 billion people on this planet 7.6 billion are holograms leaving 600,000,000 +/- with the ability to “clear: for crossing over.

To know the true nature of the 5th Dimension is an impossibility as it is a very personal vision. I envision in Tara, nature at its finest where it interacts and is entwined with all beings, where the Meritocracy of Equality rules our daily existence and Farmland is abundant for the necessities of all. When the Europeans (1492) arrived they found the Indigenous Nations utilizing equality in all its aspects.

TaraX Trust will physically hold the Tara Land Locations of energy vortexes. These energy vortexes, strategically located around the globe, are a physical and spiritual link between our 3-D Terra and our 5-D. These lands must be protected for the sake of our Human evolution. The TaraX Trust Humanitarian Foundation supports projects that help to advance humanity to each one’s 5th dimensional reality. We will do this through aiding individuals to heal, generational wounds with teaching the use of the Mind in a clear and sovereign way (Journey 4 You). We will also lend support to structures that advance and nurture the new ways of Living and Being. TaraX Trust is the body that funds our Land and Humanitarian efforts.

TaraX to TARA:

Michael Silverhawk, in The Drifters (the Final Testament), asked these pertinent questions while providing a purposeful debate: are we really timeless, spiritual beings who are just temporarily “camping out” on Earth? Have we all lived before, as well as on other worlds? What is, in fact, our true potential as human beings? Can we levitate, create like God out of universal substance? Can we read each other’s minds and souls? Can we travel through time? Are star gates real and can we travel through them? Do we even need spacecraft to do so? How responsive is life on Earth to our state of consciousness? What is the hidden power and potential of crystals? Can we live and stay young forever in a disease less state? What is ascension (crossing over) and how is it attained? Who are the Masters of the ages and what is their true purpose?

TaraX Trust Humanitarian Foundation has been created to aid in one’s journey with unconditional love, passion, understanding and the enlightenment of Earthly people into an entrepreneurial, non-violent, peaceful evolving race of self-aware beings through Love of Self: all while opening and holding the Earth’s energy vortexes.

Fraser Currah

TaraX Trust Humanitarian

August 14, 2019

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