Changes.....The Mitosis has begun...

I grew up in Hickson, Ontario named after Sir Joseph Hickson CEO of The Grand Trunk Railway when the tracks were laid from Woodstock to Stratford and beyond in 1874-1890.

Our anchor in the village was the Blacksmith Shop with Mr. Bill Schroeder as Master. He was continually heating metal in his Forge and shaping it with his hammer on the Anvil from 7 am to 6 pm: he made everything (true), rather than utilizing the new fanged welders coming on the market. His hammer sounded all day through the village: our Anchor. It never occurred to we children, as to his age. He was Mr. Schroeder who drove to nearby Tavistock each night, for a well-deserved beer: making him a bad example within the United Church. His son Billy worked in the shop after returning from WWII; learning how to weld. He was ignored by Seniour Schroeder.

Each spring (March) Mr. Schroeder made us a 6 inch across steel hoop on his anvil which when accompanied by a cross-nailed tobacco lath, stolen from S.T. Lovey’s Lumber Yard, enabled us to run miles while directing our hoops along the sidewalks.

At that time the Earth population was 1.5+/- billion people.

Today we have welding machines driven by AI and the Georgia Guidestones to remind us of our TARA destiny fortified by 4,000 +/- QHHT, deep hypnosis conducted and documented by Delores Cannon from 1990 to 2016. In her writings (17 books) she describes (from her clients) the Mitosis of Earth into the new TARA, Will this Mitosis bring back Mr. Schroeder: No.? But is will enable us to reconstruct a place of simplicity while living and respecting TARA’s Nature, with its initial 500 million inhabitants.

Eventually all will come over when they understand the significance of Nature in their lives.

The Mitosis has begun now, in 2019 with some unable to recall old friends and memories, now that they are subject to moving into the new TARA.

Fraser Currah

September 12, 2019

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