TaraX Humanitarian Trust

Project Selections - Outreach Sourcing


  • Country / Area of interest

    • Region / specifics of region of operation

    • History of poverty -Global weather patterns

    • Regional past and suitable endeavors

    • International interests / intervention / alignment


  • TaraX direct participation – direct / grants

    • TaraX joint venture with local Locations / NGOs

    • TaraX managed programs and/or joint venture Donors

    • Programs with local management / / localNGOs

    • Guidelines for venture investing into local companies


  • Goals by local participants with TaraX and/or local NGOs

    • Timelines and Budgets

    • Achievement periods / project longevity

    • Discipline penalties when off timeline and/or withdrawal

    • Monitored by and local NGO or other organization


  • Local strengths•Involve and help train local management from inception

    • Supply products with local implement and construct

    • Train management for operations and maintenance

    • TaraX’s goal is to build projects to local ownership


  • Piggy back projects when advisable

    • Utilize government partnership and/orgrants

    • Joint Venture with NGOs. in control ofexpenses

    • Development of the local business projects and/orstartups

    • Strengthen these local ventures with / Donor’scapital

    • Co-ordinate local development financing withgovernment