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Novomatrix has been developed my Dr. Jeff Wilson of the University of Guelph with global emphasis on COMMUNITY NETWORK INTEGRATION, utilizing collaborative integration based upon consensus.

On behalf of Novomatrix he has traveled expensively to many countries (eg. Canada, Vietnam, Myanmar, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa) to connect to government officials enabling an acknowledgement of the new paradyme: Community Network Integration (CNI),


TaraX and Novomatrix share management and offices in Canada.


Please see the attached video by Dr. Jeff, explaining the principles, operations and benefits of CNI.


Novomatrix presented a workshop on small animal health to MERCK Canada in Montreal: exemplifying CNI.        



                             1. Video explaining workings of Community Network Integrations:




                            2. Power Point of MERCK Montreal Workshop:





The continuing strategy and purpose of TaraX is to create educational documentaries, programs, interviews and personal, physical alliances between one’s healthy body and higher self. This sharing and interaction with mutual networks and organizations Novometrix Research Inc. assists in the global exchange of ideas and cooperation in the mitosis activated, Emerging New World.


Director: Dr. Jeff Wilson