TaraX Humanitarian Trust


TaraX Locations - Anchoring the Energies of the New Earth


Director: Dave Clancy

TaraX Lands in conjunction with regional interests are establishing and helping to fund land tracks, to utilize and preserve each in its original, natural state. In this return to planetary origins we design and/or creat global, natural transformation centers. Each area is specific to its indigenous purpose. Tracks serve several purposes, including but not limited to:

                      a)    Serving as international meeting places for training, collaboration,          
                             preservation and simply regeneration for transformational change.
                      b)    To serve as an eco-model for sustainable medicine, herbs, and
                             living in harmony with the Earth, while utilizing leading edge

                      c)    To serve as a model of heart & spirit centered indigenous living, based on

                            personal responsibility; while modeling life in recognizing our planetary heritage.


We have prepared our Locations shown below over several years of esoteric research, globally. Our conclusion being that these potential locations may become integral to our New Tara or have a significance in the rejuvenance of Earth, as we have known it. If we’re right about moving into Tara or not, these locations may have a global significance in our futures.

The locations are selected as places of refuge to build a new future for residences of Tara, enhancing their self-imposed belief. It is important to remember these are only suggestions and each will know in this new 4th dimension environment, which resonates individually.   

Our + supposition TaraX into Tara is based upon many messages delivered by spiritualists who are devoted to helping Humanity, sampled as below:

Delores Cannon who passed over in late 2017 after writing 17+ books about her 4,000 +/- Clients’ “deep” hypnotic experiences in which each explained mitosis, as Earth birthed the new Tara of our Future.

In a recent interview Regina Meredith and Penny Kelly (part 2) both confessed the beauty and rigors of the New Earth (Tara) in the 4th dimension, where active consciousness of everything envelopes our daily lives.


Matthew Belair and Sandra Walker in You Tube are able to explain the future consciousness of our upcoming live style. Sandra Walker spent many years in Mt. Shasta to elevate her into this new life of Tara.























Eco Lodge – Asheville, N. Caroline - grant                                          


Wellness Centre – Mt. Shasta, California – owned                         


Sacredgroundintl.org - Buffalo – Billings, Montana – grant            


Historical Ranch – El Peten Basin, Guatemala – owned                    


Caribe Indigenous – Plantation House Dominica – owned          


Farm & Religious Preservation – Creemore, Ontario – owned     


Animal Shelter – Indonesia – owned                                            


Europe – Creative Development – Tuscany / Croatia – owned        


Plains Restoration – Salta Province, Argentina – owned                    


Rwenzori Mountains – Uganda Safari Park – grant                          


Herbal Medicine Laboratory – Chongqing, China – grant                  

Wilderness Observation, Lake Baikal-Amur River – owned