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This initial project is a 3 day event/workshop consisting of teaching participants devoted to enhancing your individual journey. Each TaraX Event will have instantaneous translation as per the audience participants. Some TaraX Events may be extended to four (4) days to encompass an extension of Day 3 for further Youth Day Musical participation and/or competition. Participants will be given a DVD or CD as well as a link to TaraX Wellness, enabling a continuous workshop interchange.   

Director:  Martin Maglay

Martin Maglay’s North American destiny began with his 1981 defection from Czechoslovakia to a contract signing by the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey organization. He was seriously injured, bringing his promising hockey career to an end. Martin spent the next five (5) years in overcoming his injuries with a series of alternative health regimes in global locations.  These experiences led him to understand and appreciate life style qualities, which are achieved in working on one’s inner and outer self. He later owned and actively managed, for over 20 years one of the largest hockey school companies in the world called Hockey Tech International Inc. Hockey Tech marketing led him to become accomplished in sport facilities design, graphics and creative marketing, centered around public relations; at which he excels. Martin Maglay, a painter, ceramic artist, musician, healer and a writer has now committed his creative marketing and humanitarian talents to TaraX global Events.



Note: Events may be changed locally by Direction of Martin Maglay            


TaraX Events Live Examples


Host:      Robert Porter Lynch   http://www.iclinstitute.org/


              Program:  Economics of Trust / Trusted to Innovate and Lead                          



  • INSPIRE you to bring out the Best in People.

  • ENABLE you to create an enormous new competitive advantage, trigger a new source of innovation flow and generate higher profits within sustainability.

  • SHIFT your personal capabilities and insights to understand why people act the way they do, and how to create an organization that brings forth people’s abilities to work in teams, to innovate, and cooperate.

  • PROVIDE you with tools, insights and strategies to build an organization that both informs and inspires employees.

  • RID yourself and your organization of people who cannot be trustworthy.


Host:                   TBD

Program:                          A)           Healing with Quantum Field Energy Medicine


                                    B)            Western to Alternative Medicine


                                    C)                       a) Our Galactic Heritage


                                                              b) Dimensional Expectations

                                                              c) Our Journey to TARA


Host:     Martin Maglay and TBA


Program:          A) Youth Day Music / Dance Festival

                       B) Social / Environmental Debates

                       C) Motivational Speakers / Workshops


TARAX YOUTH DAY is not just one day but rather a year round initiative; youth participants partake in TaraX Events leading up to each Festival, including auditions, press conferences. meetings, fundraising events, promotional video shoots, and media interview sessions, etc. These initiatives allow youth to develop skills, obtain new knowledge, stay busy, active, connect and network with both peers and mentors to progress.




YOUTH DAY GLOBAL - CREATIVE ARTS FESTIVAL has over the past 12 years averaged an attendance of 25,000 youth. It features 100+ live music and dance bands on 2 stages over 15 hours by youth 14 to 24 years of age. Also included is a Youth Art Gallery, a Kids Corner, a live Fashion show and etc. Vendors line the nearby streets with Food, Jewelry, face painting and organizations providing information for a Better Life. Headliner performances and celebrity support add to Youth Day Attraction.   




This is an hour long program hosted by regional universities, and designed to promote TaraX Workshops and Youth Days. It will be an hour long program of natural sine waves with relaxing music to appeal to global university audiences, interspersed with Spirituality and Alternative stories, messages and excerpts.