TaraX Humanitarian Trust


Director: Michael Lightweaver


TaraX Outreach empowers personal and social transformation through education, utilizing virtual Teaching methods. Outreach focuses on such themes as leadership, health, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and new communities (Villages). The global scientific community, indigenous cultures and the Mayans, tell us that during this time in the history of the Earth, we are heading into the Universal Cycle of compassion, understanding and awareness of our true selves.

This time is an opportunity to mentor others and lead by example, while remembering that a great leader leads by following.

Two Scenarios to pursue :

                                         ONE: Over the next 700 – 1,000 years we will gradually evolve into

                                                   the cycle of Universal Peace as outlined with the Mayan Calendar.

                                         TWO: Espoused by psychic, scientific and hypnotic research, for the first

                                                   time in the history of the Universe, those who are prepared, in their

                                                   awareness, will experience the complete mitosis of Earth, into the

                                                   New Natural Earth: TARA.


We at TaraX feel that this scenario Two is the ultimate outcome for those who are aware and understand the meaning of the Georgia Guidestones. This initial mitosis will evolve into an eventual mass mitosis of the many TARA believers who long for a Nature inspired, planetary consciousness.

There are many institutions. Nongovernmental organizations, charities, corporations and caring people who are doing so much to help the planet and its occupants. Each of you are aquainted with one or more of these organizations and in many instances, such as recent earthquakes, where you have shown your compassion for the plight of the individual.

Universal Peace requires each to accept responsibility, as a personal choice as:




                                                           Choice Influences:


                                                               Solar Cycle 24 (Flares) – Magnetic change

                                                               Galactic Alignment

                                                               Transformation of Humanity

                                                               Knowledge (overcomes Fear)

                                                               Awareness of one’s Inner Change

In our daily existence we must continue to strive for equality with Merit. This is a prime consideration within TaraX, exemplifies by sustainable living, co-habilitating and preservation of our planet’s natural habitants.





Director: Debbie Rosen

Continue and enhance the Leadership Education organizational infrastructure of IIGL by:

  • Providing production-based stipends for national coordinators

  • Convening a meeting of national coordinators and graduates for the purpose of collaboration and planning.


Director:  Derek Hawkins

This production is initiated and created in various areas to provide regional food in both plants and animals.


Director:  Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy will continue his former work in Iraq and Jordan for the USA. He now has formed plans to build complete villages of 500+ homes, each complete with schools, sewers, water. etc. We now have plans for villages in Central America, Jordan and Pakistan.


Director: Guilio Vanzan

Located in Tuscan, Italy and in conjunction with an Italian University this Journey of Creativity is a methodology developed by Guilio and his team from Brazil and Italy. The program teaches creation in development that empowers people and communities.


 TaraX Creative Development comprises of 3 pillars of methodology:

                                 Service to Community Developemt

                                 Arts and Theatre

                                 Knowing Your Inner Self


Director: Dr. John Di Gregorio of Singapore

TaraX is committed to forming an alliance with a new Charitable Asian Foundation as an extension of the many years of Charitable work by Dr, John Di Gregorio as Ambassador for Knights of Malta.

John and his volunteers, in conjunction with Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, supply blankets for disasters in Asian countries, along with necessities for living.


Director: Kathleen Oweegan – www.bridgesofpeace.com



  • Work with IIGL students (beginning in Africa) to organize professional mediation training with the intent of certifying professional mediators who can become self-supporting with mediation as a profession

  • Create “rapid response peace teams” with trained students who could go into conflict areas within their own country to work with community leaders and elders to find equitable solutions to community conflicts.