TaraX Humanitarian Trust

TaraX Events

     Festivals / Workshops / Radio 



Director:  Martin Maglay

This initial project is a 3 day event/workshop consisting of teaching participants devoted to enhancing your individual journey. Each TaraX Event will have instantaneous translation as per the audience participants. Some TaraX Events may be extended to four (4) days to encompass an extension of Day 3 for further Youth Day Musical participation and/or competition. Participants will be given a DVD or CD as well as a link to TaraX Wellness, enabling a continuous workshop interchange.   

Note: Events may be changed locally by Direction of Martin Maglay           



                                      1. Youth Day Music / Dance Festival

                                      2. Social / Environmental Debates

                                      3. Motivational Speakers / Workshops


TARAX YOUTH DAY is not just one day but rather a year round initiative; youth participants partake in TaraX Events leading up to each Festival, including auditions, press conferences. meetings, fundraising events, promotional video shoots, and media interview sessions, etc. These initiatives allow youth to develop skills, obtain new knowledge, stay busy, active, connect and network with both peers and mentors to progress.