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International Collaborative

Leadership Institute


TaraX Event Host:      Robert Porter Lynch   http://www.iclinstitute.org/


             Program:  Economics of Trust / Trusted to Innovate and Lead                          



  • INSPIRE you to bring out the Best in People.

  • ENABLE you to create an enormous new competitive advantage, trigger a new source of innovation flow and generate higher profits within sustainability.

  • SHIFT your personal capabilities and insights to understand why people act the way they do, and how to create an organization that brings forth people’s abilities to work in teams, to innovate, and cooperate.

  • PROVIDE you with tools, insights and strategies to build an organization that both informs and inspires employees.

  • RID yourself and your organization of people who cannot be trustworthy.

International Collaborative Leadership Institute is based

on the principle that effective leadership is at the core

of all great organizations and civilizations.


Trusted leaders produce the greatest levels of teamwork,

innovation, and productivity, resulting

in superior competitive advantage.

We are deeply concerned about the clear decline

in personal character and honorable leadership

across America and around the world.

We intend to turn the tide, leader by leader.




Our Capability Building & Training Programs are the heart of the Leadership Institute.


A Program is a complete systematic approach to effective leadership, including:


Strategies for Transformation

Individual & Team Capability Building Workshops

Diagnostic Assessments & Benchmarking

Coaching & Consulting when needed

Capability Building Workshops are often the simplest means of getting started before

making a commitment to a full-scale Program.

Our aim is to build internal capability within your organization.