TaraX Humanitarian Trust / Foundation

TaraX - Empowering The Evolution of Consciousness

TaraX Perspective

A. Reasoning:

The global scientific community, indigenous cultures and the Mayans, tell us that during this time in the history of our Earth, we are moving into the Universal Cycle of compassion, understanding, and awareness of our true selves, with Happiness and Joy through conscious understanding.

                                               Joy / Thanksgiving / Service

This time is an opportunity to mentor others and lead by example, while remembering that a great leader leads by following.

One only has to watch the daily news to realize the dangers we live in. Danger from fear, propagated by the need to control, will continue to manipulate us until we become aware of our true-selves.

There are several popular scenarios of our immediate future (Nobody Knows):

    1.    Earth disruptions
    2.    Climate Changes leading to food and water shortages
    3.    Continuation of our present destructive existence
    4.    An appreciation in societal understanding
    5.    A shift of our personal reality reconnecting with Nature in Tara

               These scenarios are derived from two popular observations:

    One: over the next 700 – 1,000 years we will gradually evolve into the cycle of
    Universal Peace as outlined with the Mayan Calendar.

 Two: espoused by psychic, scientific and hypnotic research; for the first time in the
    history of this Universe, those who are prepared, in their awareness, will experience the     
    complete mitosis of Earth, into a new natural Earth: Tara.

    We at T
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    within our TaraX Humanitarian Foundation Network.

    Trade marketing in Energy, Fish, Grains, and Pulses. are not here to decide which scenario you   

    should believe, only to realize that life is about making “Choices”and a positive life is “Service”.

B. Action:

There are many institutions, nongovernmental organizations, charities, corporations and caring people who are doing so much to help the planet and its occupants. Each of you are acquainted with one or more of these organizations and in many instances, such as recent earthquakes, where  you have shown your compassion for the plight of the individual.

We are committed to the final goal of Universal Peace, achieved through each individual’s 
knowledge and understanding of their true selves. The archetype, positive human’s goal is to achieve non-dualistic Universal consciousness, which has begun to become a reality, with the convergence of the zero point alignment in 2012. Science tells us that within the 26 million year macro cycle, species change and within this macro cycle, we have experienced the 26,000 year micro galactic alignment cycle in 2012. This presents an opportunity for Transformation of Humanity in its Collective Consciousness...


                        Choice Influences:
                                                          -   Solar Cycle 24 (Solar Flares)

                                                          -   Magnetics change
                                                          -   Galactic Alignment
                                                          -   Transformation of Humanity  
                                                          -   Meditation
                                                          -   Compassion
                                                          -   Knowledge overcomes Fear
                                                          -   Awareness of our “Inner Change”
        In our daily existence we must continue to strive for equality with merit. This is a prime     

        consideration within TaraX, exemplified by sustainable living, co-habilitating and preservation of 

        our planet’s natural habitats.

        Our community goals are best described in an extrapolation from the   

       thoughts, reflections and writings of Napoleon from St. Helene:

        “Nations will be directed by a just, wise, enlightened, democratically selected by lot,     

         government (Ancient Greece), where the people have nothing to dread from arbitrary authority. 

         Every person will be an entity and simply subject to the common law. There will be nothing   

         privileged, only merit. There will be no Debt Barons who thrive upon the greed and idiocy of

         others; there will be no debt.

         Federal Debt is not meant to be employed to meet current expenditures, whether they are civil or

         military. The lenders then can’t control, as in the past it was their prerogative. Money has no

         Motherland. Finances, where the sole object is gain, are without patriotism and without

         decency.”  - Napoleon Bonaparte

Above / Below / Within

Universal Peace requires each to accept responsibility, as a personal choice.

“The hand that gives is above the hand that takes”

         Future societies and governments will be operated by people who, “just get it” in implementing

         new financial and educational systems, enabling individual creativity, while utilizing sustainable

         living, with equitable resource allocations and distribution.

Equality - Harmony - Joy

C. Means:

TaraX can be YOURS, with its four (4) strategies synergistically positioned to assist in your knowledge, awareness while enhancing your Evolving Choices.

Our secure,
Tara Lands sustainable, reserve locations are selected to anchor Earth’s energy vortexes and model the best in natural preservation, food, lifestyle, health, conferencing, networking,
meditating, joy, and understanding in alleviating ones suffering from fear. This immersion will empower YOU.

Our immediate goal is to facilitate and integrate virtual teachings of world, business, and community leaders, spiritual leaders, healers, and evolutionary authors into a series of continuing workshops. Our strategies are built upon a need to foster through truth, the self trust and responsibility that enables one to scale the heights of knowledge; leading to universal understanding.